Tree Trimming

Trimming Service

Tree trimming means the removal of plant parts to control growth and enhance performance or function in the landscape by developing and preserving tree structure and health in accordance to approved and acceptable pruning practices.

Although forest trees grow quite well with only nature’s pruning, landscape trees require a high level of care to maintain their beauty and structural integrity. Pruning should be done by a qualified Arborists with a strong knowledge of pruning technique, safety and working knowledge of tree dynamics and biology.

Improper techniques can create lasting damage to a tree. We specialise in commercial tree pruning, trimming, and cutting services and can create customised 1, 3, and 5-year tree maintenance plans that fit your budget and tree service needs.


EverTree Service will evaluate your trees and your concerns and recommend the best type of tree trimming service to achieve your desired results.

 Maintenance Tree Trimming: removal of dead, dying, diseased, crossing branches, depending on the species and health.

 Hazard Reduction Tree Trimming: removal of larger deadwood for safety.

 Vista Tree Trimming: Selectively removing limbs without injuring the tree. Performed when there is a view that the tree branches are blocking.

 Crown Raising: Removal of lower branches, most commonly in areas where there is a driveway, walkway, or parking area.

 Crown Reduction: is pruning less than 1/3 of the tree’s crowns or for the purpose of shaping.

 Cut Back: Cut back branches from structures such as sidewalks, lights, and buildings.

 Fine Tree Trimming: Removal smaller branches and deadwood commonly performed on smaller or immature trees.

 Tree Topping: Removal of large branches or whole tops of trees. This is a harmful and incorrect trimming practice. Topping stresses the tree and can lead to health decline, structural defects, and infection.

Key Benefits of Tree Trimming

 Safety Benefits: Proper pruning creates & maintains a strong tree structure, preventing safety hazards such as low growing and dead branches.
 Aesthetic Benefits: Proper pruning will promote new growth, more vibrant colors, and keep your tree looking neat and tidy.
 Health Benefits: Trimming your trees will eliminate dead and diseased branches. By removing these branches you help stop the spread of disease and insects within the rest of your tree, as well as reduce any unnecessary weight carried by the tree.
 Visual Access Benefits: Trimming your tree can open up your landscape, allowing more sunlight into your yard and improving your view.

Let's Safely Trim Trees from your Property

Don’t let damaged or diseased trees pose a risk to your property, With our fast and efficient tree removal services ensure your safety and peace of mind. So, contact us today to schedule your appointment for free.